Reference Guide How to use the eyes reference

Eyes is organized as a set of image processing operators that can be instantiated by the "eyes" max object. Each operator is documented with an html page in this reference and a help file in the max folder. There are also a number of max objects that add functionality to the eyes system: eyesGrab for digitizing live images, eyesSensors for specifying areas to process in the image, and eyesGlue for connecting arbitrary lists of numbers into eyes. In addition, there are two translation max objects that can be used to bring images from jitter into eyes, and back from eyes to jitter (jit.eyes and eyes.jit).

Start with the operator summary which gives an overview of whats available. Operators are grouped in loose functional categories on this page.

Each of the "operators" (image processing functions instantiated by the eyes object) have similarities that are documented in the reference. These pages include information about the inlets, threehold specification and operator parameters; outlets of the eyes operators; messages eyes operators all know, and parsing of image processing results:

inlets and arguments



parsing of results.

Typographical Conventions