Outlets Information about eyes outlets

The 'eyes' object is used to instantiate various image processing operators (operators are in the êyês folder). Each operator requires different kinds of values to make it work. The 'eyes' object mantains the inlets and outlets for each of these operators as part of its function. Each inlet corresponds to a specific operator parameter that the user can modify. Associated with this paramter is a name, and inlet number.

For example the 'color' operator takes two parameters: window threshold, and value to assign pixels outside the window. Two inlets are created for the color operator when it is instantiated. The user can then hook number boxes to these inlets and change the corresponding parameters.

In addition to maintaining inlets, the eyes object allows arguments to be specified after the operator name. These arguments are in one of two formats. The first format is to specify a list of numbers whose order in correspondence with operator parameters is determined by the order of the inlets left to right. The other format is tagged values: the argument name followed by the argument value.

The != operator inlets and arguments are shown below:

Standard Outlets:
Name Description
image result Image as processed by the instantiated operator
values results Any values that the operator calculates as a list.
other data types A standard or user specific data type. Standard data types are: histograms, region lists, and profiles.


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