Squished Information
This page contains descriptions of Squished Eyeball products. All software runs
within the MAX environment available from Cycling '74 and IRCAM.
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Eyes is software for MAX that allows you to process images in order to understand
what is happening in an environment viewed by a camera. The max objects are a few
Max objects that allow you to implement a series of image processing algorithms that
filter images, section and segment images, track region motions of segmented images,
and various other image processing routines.

Eyes is organized as a set of "operators" stored in a folder within the max folder. These
operators are loaded and used as needed by the "eyes" object inside of Max.

Eyes is expandable through the use of an SDK toolkit. Operators can be added that process
images, draw in graphics buffers, create new data structures, operate on region lists, or

supply information to the Max environment. The SDK is designed so that you don't have
to know much about Max, image formats, or graphics buffers in order to do something.
Operators can be changed and reloaded into Max without restarting Max by closing all eyes
windows and reopening.

Eyes supports Jitter through two conversion objects "jit.eyes" and "eyes.jit" which

convert jit type matrix images back and forth to eyes type images.

Eyes supports Nato 55 through two conversion objects "242.+eyes" and "eyes.+242" which
convert Nato type images back and forth to eyes type images (only for 0S/9 max).

Eyes is created and maintained by Robb Lovell

Version 7.2 is now available for OS/X.
Version 7.1 is available for OS/9.

To purchase, go to the downloads page

Other squishedeyeball Max objects:
udpgoo is a MAX objects that can be used with otudp. The object can pass any data from
max through the otudp object to a remote location. Based on Scott Wilson's udp2.

downloads page

symchange is an object that works like the change object only it takes any data type in max.

downloads page